Projective Field Workshop - Miami
(Tuesday May 23 - Thursday, May 25, 2017)

Registration is now open for the Projective Field Workshop which will take place at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel, Tuesday, May 23 - Thursday, May 25, 2017. This workshop directly follows IAC's 2nd ICC (International Congress on Consciousness in Miami) and for convenience, takes place in a nearby venue.

Like the Advanced 2, the Projective Field workshop features a specialized physical, extraphysical and energetic environment which provides an immersive experience for the participants who attend. The specialized environment of the Projective Field facilitates the personal projective experiences of its participants.

This 3-day workshop has no pre-requisites making it an ideal environment for both those who would like to learn as well as those who would like to perfect their ability to have Out-of-Body Experiences!

During this 3 day intensive course, all possible measures will be taken to increase the likelihood of the participants' projective success. The workshop registration already includes all meals, classes, movie screenings, and sleeping rooms. This allows participant to fully relax, and immerse themselves with the workshop objectives - to have an Out-of-Body experience with Lucidity!


Register for a single room (staying by yourself in a room)

Register by December 31, 2016 ($719)
January 1 to April 30, 2017 ($749)
May 1 to 18, 2017 ($784)

Register for a double room (staying with another participant)

August 2 to December 31, 2016 ($619)
January 1 to April 30, 2017 ($649)
May 1 to 18, 2017 ($684)

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Features of the Projective Field Workshop

  • 3 Intensive Days
  • 8 practical sessions with bioenergetic and projective techniques.
  • Special classes teaching techniques to have conscious projections, explaining the details of its development.

  • Use of random images displayed on a computer screen in a locked up room. This may help confirm the authenticity of your experience.

  • Participants’ Experiential Analysis, with technical explanations and tips to enhance their projective experiences.

  • Presentation of movie on the subject of the "Out of Body Experience", bioenergies and the paranormal phenomena, for further discussion.

The workshop is based on an energetic field that will act as a catalyst for nonphysical perceptions, allowing:

  • A closer interaction and connection with nonphysical helpers.

  • An enhanced energetic defense, which facilitates better relaxation and predisposition towards a lucid projection.

  • Increased awareness of the non-physical dimension.

  • An optimization of the energy body through the looseness of our bioenergies.

Anyone interested and motivated to develop their ability to have lucid OBEs can participate. Email for more details!

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